2020 Census

It has never been easier to respond to the Census:
Online   www.2020census.gov   or    call 844-330-2020   



Once in a decade, the U.S. Census Bureau does a headcount of every person in the country. This headcount determines how billions of dollars in Federal funding will be allocated, as well as fair representation in the House of Representatives.
For our community, this is how Clear Creek County gets funding for public services such as healthcare clinics, schools & education, roads & bridges and emergency response for the next 10 years. On average, each person living in Colorado represents $2,300 in Federal Funding per year. Imagine if we miss a family of 4 in Clear Creek County; we would potentially miss out on $92,000 for the coming decade! Help our community get access to critical public service funding ~ RESPOND TO THE CENSUS QUESTIONNAIRE!


During March:  You will receive an invitation to participate in the Census count. If you normally get your mail delivered to a P.O. box, a Census questionnaire will be hand delivered to your door step. If you get your mail delivered, you will be receiving the Census questionnaire in your mailbox.

March 12:  First day you can respond to the Census Questionnaire ~ It will take about 10 minutes to fill out, and you can respond online, over the phone or mail back your answers.

April 1:  CENSUS DAY  

During April:  If you have not responded, you can reply online, over the phone or by regular mail. Access to public computers are available at the Courthouse in Georgetown, the City Hall in Idaho Springs as well as at the libraries.

During May-Aug. 14:  It is not too late! You can still respond to the Census online, over the phone or by mail. Last day for you to self-respond is August 14th. 
If you have not responded by May, the Census Bureau will direct an employee to come knocking on your door to for an in-person interview. You can easily avoid this by responding on your own; online, over the phone or by mail.

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