As we move out of “emergency response” mode, we are working on ways, as a County, that we can support economic recovery. We recognize that welcoming and growing tourism is the most important thing we can do as far as economic recovery. But it also creates more risk.

So we are launching the STAY THE COURSE campaign to help us create a unified front so we can STAY HEALTHY and STAY OPEN. The bottom line is if we don’t STAY THE COURSE and minimize community spread of COVID-19 by wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing, and encouraging visitors to do the same, we may have an outbreak that cuts our tourist season even shorter than it already is.

Check out the attached press release and flyer for more info. You will also find a jpeg (image) of the STAY THE COURSE logo. Ways to help:

• PRINT - Print some copies of the flyer and put it your window, on your front counter, on the bathroom doors or stall doors, use it to make table tents, print it on your disposable menus.

• DOWNLOAD – download a copy of the logo jpeg and post it on your web site with info from the press release, put it in your email signature, share it on your social media page, send it out to you customer email lists.

We want STAY THE COURSE to be a way to help spread the word, a way to explain to your customers that it matters, and get us all, businesses, residents and visitors, working together to STAY HEALTHY and STAY OPEN.

Click Here to Download Stay The Course Flyer (PDF Format)

Click Here to Download Response and Recovery Press Release (PDF Format)

Click Here to Download JPG Image COVID-19 TESTING Flyer

Click Here to Download JPG Image STAY THE COURSE Flyer