Construction Projects

2021 Projects

Active Projects

Idaho Springs Area

Soda Creek Road

  • Anticipated Completion Fall 2021

Replace culverts and overlay pavement surface from boundary of Idaho Springs to the Clear Creek County Transfer Station.  Elite Surface Infrastructure plans to construct the project improvements during the months of September and October.

This project will include significant traffic disruptions and delays should be expected.

Floyd Hill Area

Stormwater Drainage Evaluation

  • Anticipated Completion - Fall 2021

The purpose of the Floyd Hill Stormwater Drainage Evaluation is to define the existing 2-year, 10-year, 25-year, and 100-year annual exceedance probability deficiencies and improvements necessary to convey the appropriate annual exceedance probability flood with the open channels and major conduit systems under the County’s jurisdiction.

The project includes, but is not limited to, the compilation of existing data and collection of new data as necessary to determine the existing capacity of the County’s stormwater infrastructure within public rights-of-way in order to develop the most feasible drainage, water quality, and flood control design alternatives for the Floyd Hill area.

Pine Valley Area

Old Squaw Pass Road Water Quality Improvements and Erosion Mitigation

  • Anticipated Completion of Evaluation and Schematic Design – Fall 2021
  • Anticipated Completion of Constructed Improvement – TBD

Evergreen Area

Witter Gulch Road

  • Anticipated Completion Fall 2021

Mitigation of road damage near Juniper Lane due to poor drainage/frost heave

Completed Projects

Meadow View Drive Retaining Wall (Floyd Hill)

The Clear Creek County Road & Bridge Department is constructing a retaining wall associated with Meadow View Drive which will require that the road to be closed in the area of the project site for approximately 3 weeks.  The anticipated dates of the road closure are April 26th through May 14th

  • Access to addresses 555 Meadow View Drive and below will be available throughout the duration of the project from the intersection of Meadow View Drive with Hyland Drive
  • Access to addresses 578 Meadow View Drive and above will be available throughout the duration of the project from the intersection of Meadow View Drive with Beaver Brook Canyon Road

Future Projects

(Projects and dates subject to change)

2022 Construction Season

Old Squaw Pass Road

Drainage Improvements and pavement overlay

2023 Construction Season

Ponderosa Drive

Drainage improvements and pavement overlay

Golden Willow Road 

Drainage improvements and pavement overlay