Residential Existing and Proposed Decks

A permit is required for all new deck construction as well as any additions, alterations, or replacements to existing decks. Please use this page to apply if you need to legalize an existing deck as well. Permit fees varies per project. Additional requirements may need to be met after initial application is submitted. All Wind and Roof Snow Loads must be correct

Apply for a Deck Permit/Legalization here
Deck Requirement Checklist 
(you are not required to submit the actual checklist)

Pre-Application Meetings
We offer optional pre-application meetings upon request. These meetings can be scheduled via video chat, or in person. All departments applicable to your project will be in attendance for your meeting. Please submit your Pre-Application Meeting Form 
here and bring all mentioned documents to the meeting.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I build my own deck?
Yes, you can be your own contractor. You still must meet all the same requirements outlined in the checklist.  All decks must meet the 2015 or later IRC code. All structural construction plans MUST be wet stamped, regardless of who is performing the work.  

Can I submit an ILC in lieu of a Site Plan?
Yes, as long as the ILC has all requirement components of a site plan, outlined in the checklist, we will accept an ILC.

Do I need a permit to cover my existing deck or add a roof over it?
Yes, we will need a complete application to process a permit

I want to make my roof into a rooftop deck, do I need a permit?
Yes, if the roof is not currently recognized as a deck by the building permit obtained to build the residence, then you will need a permit to turn it into a rooftop deck/entertaining area.

If I bought a home that has a deck, how can I tell if it has been permitted?
You can look up any previous or active permits for your property 

If I bought a home that has a deck, that I know was NOT permitted, what should I do?
First, you need to determine if you would like to keep the deck or demolish it. If you want to keep the deck, simply submit an application with any documentation you can find on the deck plans and an engineer's letter for the deck and we will work with you on next steps to legalize it. You will need a current Site Plan with the existing deck to be submitted if you plan to legalize. This process will require you pay the permit fee and proceed through the permit process for new decks.

Do I need an inspection for my deck?
Yes, you will need a county official to inspect the deck to finalize the permit. Your deck is not legal until you've passed your inspection. You will receive specific instructions when you are issued your permit with how to schedule these inspections, what inspections are needed, and our inspection process.

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