Detached Structures

Whether you are considering building a detached garage, a shop, art studio, shed, barn, stable, car port or other structure you will need a permit. Before starting the permit process, it is important you communicate with the Planning Department about what you are proposing building, as we have restrictions around what types of additional structures you can build on your land, depending on what your parcel is zoned as. All structures must meet the setbacks defined by your zoning regulations or be within your building envelope.

Detached Structures Permit Application
Detached Structures Application Requirements 

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Pre-Application Meetings
We offer optional pre-application meetings upon request. These meetings can be scheduled via video chat, or in person. All departments applicable to your project will be in attendance for your meeting. Please submit your Pre-Application Meeting Form 
here and bring all mentioned documents to the meeting.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do first?
Contact the Site Development Department to apply for your Excavation Permit.

What structures are exempt from needing a permit?
One-story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet (11.15 square meters) and all un-altered pre-manufactured single unit detached storage containers used for storage only. You still must meet setback specific to your zoning for both of these options. Call the Planning Department with questions about setbacks and exemptions.

Can I submit an ILC in lieu of a Site Plan?
Yes, as long as the ILC has all requirement components of a site plan, outlined in the 
checklist, we will accept an ILC. 

Can I add a living space above my garage and do I need a permit?
Yes you can and you do need a permit. Before starting your plans, please call the Environmental health Department to verify your current septic system will allow for an additional bedroom. ADUs are not allowed to be rented short or long term, and are not allowed to be used to house staff such as a nanny, Gardner, housekeeper etc. ADUs are able to be used as in-law suites if rent is not being collected. The bedroom must comply with all 2015 IRC and newer regulations regarding size, windows, etc.

Can I build separate living quarters for property employees like a nanny, gardener, housekeeper etc.?
No. We do not allow more than one permanent residence on a parcel generally.

Can I have full size appliances in my shed, garage, shop, studio, office etc.?
No. Full size refrigerators, stove/oven combinations, and dishwashers are not allowed. We do not allow more than one kitchen per property. Sinks, mini-refrigerators, and hot plates are permitted. You may not have a washer/dryer in your ADU.

Can I add a bathroom?
Yes, you can. You do need a permit to add the bathroom.

Can I build a living space and rent it out short term with a Short Term Rental Permit?
No, you cannot build an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) on the same property as an existing SFR (Single Family Residence) and rent it out in any capacity, short or long term. Please call the Planning Department with questions about this.

What is the minimum/maximum building size allowed?
We do not have a minimum or maximum size allowed, but all structures must follow the 2015 IRC or newer.

How do I get an electrical permit or inspection?
You can visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA) to apply for a permit and schedule an inspection. Clear Creek County does not permit or inspect electrical work and requires all permits and inspections to be performed by the State of Colorado. We are not able to apply for permits or schedule inspections on your behalf. 

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