Additions and Attached Garages

If you are looking to make an addition to your existing Single Family Residence or existing structure, or you are looking to add a garage to your existing Single Family Residence, you will need to obtain a Building Permit. If you are looking to cover an existing deck or add a deck/patio please see our Deck Permit Application page. We will require you to submit a Site Plan with your existing structures and proposed additions identified along with your construction plans.

Additions and Attached Garages Application Requirements Checklist

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Pre-Application Meetings
We offer optional pre-application meetings upon request. These meetings can be scheduled via video chat, or in person. All departments applicable to your project will be in attendance for your meeting. Please submit your Pre-Application Meeting Form 
here and bring all mentioned documents to the meeting.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add onto an existing structure on my property?
Yes. You may make additions to your structure on your property with a building permit. All additions must follow the 2015 IRC or newer and all structural construction plans must have a wet stamp. There is no maximum or minimum building size, but all rooms must abide by 2015 IRC guidelines.

Can I submit an ILC in lieu of a Site Plan?
Yes, as long as the ILC has all requirement components of a site plan, outlined in the checklist, we will accept an ILC.

Can I add a new bedroom onto an existing structure on my property?
You need to first reach out to the Environmental Health Department to determine if your OWTS will allow for an additional bedroom before applying for a building permit.

Can I add another kitchen to my property?
You may only have one kitchen with full sizes appliances on the property. Clear Creek County does not allow more than one kitchen on a property, regardless of if it is in another structure. Full size appliances include but are not limited to: stove/over, refrigerator, dishwashers etc.

If I want to knock down an outside/inside wall to make a room larger by adding onto my home, do I need this permit?
Yes. If you are going to change the total square footage of the footprint of the structure, you need an Additions Building Permit. If you are only planning on knocking down interior/interior walls and not adding onto the outside of the structure, you can submit an Interior Remodel Application instead.

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