Single Family Residence

A permit is required for all new Single Family Residences. Permit fees vary per project. Additional requirements may need to be met after initial application is submitted. All Wind and Roof Snow Loads must be correct.

Pre-Application Meetings We offer optional pre-application meetings upon request. These meetings can be scheduled via video chat, or in person. All departments applicable to your project will be in attendance for your meeting. Please submit your Pre-Application Meeting Form here and bring all mentioned documents to the meeting.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do I do first? Contact the Site Development Department to apply for your Excavation Permit.

How can I find my Zoning? To find out what your property is zoned as, please reference our county GIS, ClearMap. If you are not able to use the GIS, call the Permit Coordinator or Planning Dept. at the numbers on the side of this page. 

When do I get my address? Site Development will issue you a temporary address when you receive your excavation permit. Until then, you will want to use your parcel number to reference your property.

Can I submit an ILC in lieu of a Site Plan? Yes, as long as the ILC has all requirement components of a site plan, outlined in the checklist, we will accept an ILC.

How long will it take to get my permit? Applications receive 15 days for initial review. After your review fees have been paid, it may take 2 weeks or longer to be reviewed by all departments. Once the application is deemed “complete”, you will receive a phone call to pay the review fees. Then, the file will be released to all Community Development Departments for reviews. When all of the departments have approved the submittal, the Building Plans Examiner will reach out for permit payment and the permit will be issued. You can check the status of your permit at any time using your address here.

How much will my permit cost? Review fees are $200 as of January 2022. The price of the permit itself it variable by project and will be calculated by the Building Plans Examiner at the end of the review process.

I submitted an application and was told I needed more requirements, how long do I have to submit those items? Permit Applications expire 6 months after initial submittal. If you have not successfully supplied all required documentation for a complete submittal within 6 months of applying, your application will be withdrawn. We do not keep withdrawn applications, plans, or supporting documents. If you submitted physical plans, you will have the opportunity to take them back.

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Requirements Checklist (Site Plan and Construction Requirements found here)