Commercial & Multifamily

All new commercial structures, and modifications to existing structures, require a permit in Clear Creek County.  Depending on what you want to work on, we have separated the information into four categories and sub-categories:

1. New Commercial Building Construction 
2. Existing Commercial Building Modifications
      a.  Additions & Interior Remodels
      b.  Re-roof, Re-Siding, Replacing Doors & Windows
     c.   Mechanical Work & Replacements
3. Telecommunications Towers
4. Signs and Fences (coming soon) 

If you do not see a permit listed that applies to what you are doing, please email the Building Permits Coordinator to obtain the correct application.

It is important to know your property's zoning regulation before committing to a project. Each property's zoning regulations are different. To find out what your property is zoned as, please reference our county GIS, ClearMap. If you are not able to use the GIS, call the Planning Dept. at the number on the side of this page.

Now that you've communicated with the Planning Department and the Environmental Health Department, you are ready to contact Site Development, and lastly gather the required items to apply for your building permit. Feel free to submit the applicable application form and required documents all together at the same time to the Permits Coordinator (Incomplete and partial applications will not be accepted). Details on Application Requirements can be found on the specific permit's page above.

Clear Creek County Building Department bases their fees off of the 2015 IRC Fee Schedule 1-R. Fees are calculated by the Building Plans Examiner at the end of the permit process. We cannot provide you an estimate of your fees prior to calculation.