New Commercial & Multifamily Buildings

All new commercial buildings require a permit in Clear Creek County.  Along the left side, you will see various PDFs that you can review for different departments and how they are applicable to your project. Below is the Overview Checklist for New Commercial Construction. 

If you are looking for Telecomm, please click here.

Pre-Application Meetings
We offer optional pre-application meetings upon request. These meetings can be scheduled via video chat, or in person. All departments applicable to your project will be in attendance for your meeting. Please submit your Pre-Application Meeting Form 
here and bring all mentioned documents to the meeting. 

How to Apply:
Feel free to submit the application form and required documents all together at the same time to the Permits Coordinator (Incomplete and partial applications will not be accepted).  Click
this link to apply.

Permit Fees
Clear Creek County Building Department bases their fees off of the 2015 IRC Fee Schedule 1-R. Fees are calculated by the Building Plans Examiner at the end of the permit process. We cannot provide you an estimate of your fees prior to calculation.

Construction and Building Information
Please refer to our various sections of information supplied by the Building Department for specific requirements regarding inspections, design criteria, resolutions and editions of code, and more.

New Commercial Construction Requirements Overview Checklist

Please submit your application and documents using this link here. 
DO NOT e-mail us your documents. Our system only accepts file sizes so large and it will not give a kickback to you or us if the file was too large, so the email will go unnoticed.