Sign & Fence

If you are interested in putting up a sign or fence on your property or around it, you will need to use the checklist below to gather all of our required forms and documents. Please take notice to the site plan requirements and ensure that your submitted document meets all of those criteria.

Sign and Fence Packet (The forms can be found by clicking the links on the checklist)

Submit your application and supporting documents by using the link below:
Click Here to submit your application or supporting documents

  1. Building Code Info

Clear Creek County has adopted the 2015 International Residential and Building Codes.  All fences over 6’ in height and all permanent signs, whether freestanding or mounted on a building require a permit. The wind load requirement of 100 MPH Exposure C must be considered when designing the structural system of a freestanding sign.

  1. Zoning Requirements
  1. Emergency Service Requirements
  1. Required Building Inspections
  1. Building Department

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    Phone: (303) 679-2436
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