Request Public Records

Public records refer to most documentation made or maintained by government agencies, including Clear Creek County. Under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), most public records are available to the public, however some exceptions do exist. Please see the CORA/Public Records Request Policy page for more information. A person must request records directly from the appropriate government office.

Clear Creek County strives to make useful resources available to our residents and transparency is a County priority. Prior to submitting a CORA request, please view some of these great resources that may be able to assist you with your inquiry:

CORA/Public Records Request Policy

This is the County's Public Records Policy document which includes the information regarding Colorado Open Records Act requests. Please review this document prior to submitting a public records request so that you understand the process and types of documents available through a public records request. 

To view the CORA/Public Records Request Policy page, click here.

CORA/Public Records Form

This is the CORA Request form with instructions on how to submit a public records request. Prior to submitting a request, please view the CORA/Public Records Request Policy document, available above. 

To view the CORA/Public Records Form, click here.