About the Assessor

The Assessor’s office is responsible for the evaluation and assessment of all taxable real and personal property within the county. Their duties include the discovery, valuation, and listing of all property classifications. These activities provide the basis for deriving fair and equalized property values in order to distribute the county’s tax burden in a fair and equitable manner.

Under Colorado law, the Assessor’s offices are required to conduct a complete revaluation of all properties in the county every two years. Reappraisal involves a detailed review of property characteristics such as remodeling, expansion, and renovation. When a change is made to an existing property a site visit is required to look at all physical components of the property to ensure the county records are as accurate as possible. 

Reassessment is discovered through physical inspections and updated photographs when possible. The county appraisers will be conducting field visits to verify existing or new construction and obtain exterior measurements that may not be detected without an on-site inspection of the property. 

Property examinations are done from the exterior only.   If you have purchased property within our base year period, our office will be conducting an external inspection to include a photo for our records for the sales and new constructions that have occurred between 07/01/22 to 06/30/24. 

Our staff will be in a gray Jeep with the Clear Creek County seal on the side. They will be wearing a navy-blue colored vest with the county logo, and their employee badge. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at: 303-679-2322.

To ensure property owners are receiving a complete and accurate assessment, it benefits you the property owner to have a clear understanding of our process and the significance of providing viewing access of your residence. More importantly it helps our office maintain and improve data quality, integrity, and consistency.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we make these state-mandated inspections.

SENIOR PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION - Deadline for filing is July 15. Deadline for late applications August 15. View the Senior Exemption page for further instructions.

2023 Notices of Valuation

In an effort to reduce the cost of processing, printing, and postage, a consortium of Colorado Assessors have opted to send a postcard Notice of Valuation in place of the long notice you have received in the past. You may review your property characteristics using our online record search.  To request a copy of the long notice, please contact the Assessor’s office. For tax year 2023, Actual Values for residential property and commercial property will be reduced by $55,000 and $30,000 respectively.  These reductions have a floor of $1,000 in assessed value. An assessment rate will be applied to the actual value of your property before property taxes are calculated which are not reflected on the Notice of Valuation.  Notices of Valuation to all property owners are only mailed during reassessment years (odd numbered years). During non-reassessment years, a notice will be mailed on May 1 to only those properties with a valuation change. All others were notified through an insert included with your yearly tax bill mailed in January.