Getting Started / Resources

Getting Started / Resources

Before starting to explain county resources, researchers should be aware of a few excellent area resources.

Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado, Inc. (FGS)

Individual membership is $20 per year. This hard-working group focuses on information relating to Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson, and Park counties. They publish a quarterly newsletter with information such as cemetery indexes and other special publications such as a compilation of Clear Creek County's Grass Valley Mining District Records, 1859 through 1862; 1880, and 1885 census for Clear Creek County; and School District Records 1890 through 1902; Pioneer History, Clear Creek County, Colorado (reprint of 1918 publication of the "Pioneer Association"); Clear Creek County Tax Assessments 1862 through 1863 through 1864; and Wells Fargo Stagecoach Passengers 1868 through 1870. In addition, the group sponsors occasional seminars on genealogy and has excellent contacts in other parts of the country.

Denver Public Library (DPL) Genealogy and Western History Department

This is a great starting point since the collections include information on how to get started, census materials, and some well trained librarians who can tell you what they have and where to look. The Western History Department also has several boxes of early election records and the Randall collection of photographs of individuals (both of which will be explained later).

Utah Genealogical Society (UGS)

The Utah Genealogical Society, through its association with the Mormon Church, has spent years filming records across the country. Well-trained individuals, using quality cameras, have preserved millions of local records and made them available for research purposes for the public at large (no religious affiliation required). Clear Creek County was pleased to be selected as the first county in the state to have its records filmed by UGS: marriage, property and mining records have been filmed and are available through this source. Check with FGS or DPL for information regarding the location and access to these films.

John Tomay Library (Georgetown Library)

Over the past several years, the John Tomay Library has been working on developing a first-class local history collection. At the same time, the archives and the library have been gathering all available indexes (especially those related to birth and death records) to make it easier for family and local history researchers to find out what information is or is not available locally.

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Each of these organizations has professional staff and researchers who can better explain the extent of their collections; look especially for Clear Creek County early school records at the state archives, census, and immigration materials at the national archives.