County Lands


The Clear Creek County, Colorado, Public Lands Transfer Act of 1993 (Public Law 103) was signed into law on May 24, 1994, by President Clinton.

The Public Law divided the approximately 14,000 acres of BLM lands in Clear Creek County into three major parts.

Part I created more logical national forest boundaries by designating approximately 3,400 acres to become part of the Roosevelt-Arapahoe National Forest. These are referred to as the "Part I lands".

Part II lands included the scenic and history-rich backdrop of the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District. Approximately 3,200 acres were granted to the following entities: 

  • 600 or more acres to the Town of Silver Plume
  • 800 or more acres to the Town of Georgetown
  • 600 or more acres to the County of Clear Creek/ Open Space Commission
  • 1,200 or more acres to the State of Colorado (History Colorado and CO Parks and Wildlife) The Historic District Public Lands Commission (HDPLC) was created to cooperatively manage and preserve these Part II lands for future generations.

Part III lands encompassed the approximately 7,300 acres (1,530+) parcels, transferred to Clear Creek County under different conditions than the first two parts. This transfer began the County Lands Program and the lands that were determined best suited for private ownership were sold and added to the tax rolls.

The deadline for the sale of the Part III lands was originally 2004, however, per an extension granted in 2002, Section 5(c)(2) of the Act was amended to allow the sale of lands to May 19, 2015. As of 5/19/15, these lands may no longer be sold and shall be retained by the County under the same terms and conditions as if they were transferred to the County under the Recreation and Public Purposes Act.

Of the 7,303 or more acres transferred under Section 5 of the Act (Part III lands), approximately 2,868 acres (46%) of the lands have been conveyed into private ownership and 525+ acres have been transferred to towns, other government agencies and non-profit entities.

Of the 3,910 or more acres remaining under County ownership, approximately 2,785 acres, or 71%, of the lands remaining in the program have been designated for long-term management by the Open Space Commission.

  To see a map of these properties, click on this link: May 2015 map (PDF) Please contact the Special Projects Director, Lisa Leben, at 303-679-2434 or via email Lisa Leben if you have any questions.