Clear Creek Greenway Plan

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Clear Creek GreenwayThe development of a greenway for Clear Creek County's residents and visitors has become a priority of the Clear Creek County Open Space Program, and a focal point of its 2003 Open Space Plan. Running alongside Clear Creek between Jefferson County and the Continental Divide, a greenway is envisioned to serve as the backbone of the county, and tie together communities with a string of open spaces, parks, recreational facilities, and commercial recreation providers. It will embrace the County's unique cultural heritage and natural environment, and provide an outstanding resource for families, visitors and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

Portions of the Trail Plan and River Access Opportunities which were recently adopted by Clear Creek County Open Space support the Greenway initiative. The concept is the development of a main arterial trail and key open space areas to create an interconnecting corridor of parks, trail connections, recreational activities, and related amenities. This will incorporate, enhance and create many types of active and passive recreation along Clear Creek including kayaking, rafting, hiking, walking, biking, picnicking, camping, and fishing. It will also take advantage of, and link, existing features already in place, a few of which are detailed on the map including commercial rafting, historic sites, bighorn sheep viewing, and the Georgetown Loop railroad. Other possible attractions include a sculpture park, a demonstration garden, children's and handicapped fishing areas, and interpretive displays featuring the county's mining heritage and natural environment.

Economic Opportunities

Developing the Greenway as a major recreational corridor would not only provide recreation and open space but could also improve economic development opportunities for the county and its municipalities. Joint ventures with commercial recreation providers will be possible and related commercial uses would be encouraged to locate near the creek. The Greenway will link to commercial tourist attractions in the towns, and encourage visitors to shop, rent bikes, purchase fishing equipment and dine. Finally, the Greenway could be a draw for businesses looking to locate in an area that provides such a quality of life resource to their employees.

Miners StreetBecause of its access and visibility, the Clear Creek Greenway has the potential to become a wonderful community amenity and a significant tourist destination. Clear Creek County Open Space is currently in the process of locating partnerships and funding opportunities to support technical planning assistance, and produce a Greenway plan delineating a development strategy. To find out how you or your organization can help, or for more information, please contact Clear Creek County Open Space at (303) 679-2305.