Geneva Basin Iron Fen 2009


Volunteer WorkIn 2009, Clear Creek County Open Space, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service (USFS), Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Colorado Natural Areas Program, and Mile-Hi Jeep Club, began a restoration project in the Fen. The goal was to obliterate and revegetate undesignated roads that serve as the primary access for off-road vehicles into the Fen.


Work included the construction of post and cable fences at five access points, water bars and check dams, soil preparation for reseeding and reseeding, transplanting plant material, laying erosion matting and straw, and adding to natural barriers. Access to the sites was difficult and involved an hour of travel time each way. The activity focused on areas of both USFS and Clear Creek land. On August 22, 12 volunteers collected 25 pounds of seed at the site for the revegetation. Volunteers completed the work on August 29 and 30 in 2009.