Whitewater Park at the Lawson Hole

Primary Nodes

By identifying the development of the Greenway as a priority, Clear Creek County Open Space also identified primary nodes along its course that present unique multi-use recreational opportunities. The creekside county land and former BLM parcel near Lawson are one of these nodes. Not only is it along the greenway route, but it is already a popular destination for kayakers, four wheelers, and anglers. Also nearby, is the Silver Creek Trail and popular mountain biking areas.


Clear Creek County Open Space is partnering with Clear Creek Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC), Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District (CCRMD), and others to develop this site to improve upon and take full advantage of the various activities already drawn to this area. View our preliminary concept plan demonstrating what such development may look like at the bottom. It includes improvements such as designated parking, four-wheel staging areas, river access, kayak viewing, trailheads, greenway trail, and commercial activity.

Clear Creek County Open Space feels strongly that this site is paramount to the Clear Creek Greenway - as well as economic development for the County. Therefore, through a partnership with CCEDC, and CCRMD, planning for the site and adjacent area is currently underway.

Additional Information