Colorado State University Extension Program

Colorado State University Extension

The Clear Creek Board of County Commissioners and Colorado State University have agreed to jointly support and staff an office to be located in Georgetown.

Mountain horticulture (i.e. high altitude gardening) and 4-H / Youth Development have been identified as program priorities. Local interest has also been expressed in energy conservation and watershed education.

4/H youth development programs may include but are not limited to, traditional 4-H clubs, family clubs, school enrichment, after-school programs, and/or joint programming with other youth-serving and community organizations.

The agent will be responsible for:

  • Facilitating access to the broad range of Extension programming and information and connecting community interests with resources.
  • Providing educational programming and leadership in developing and promoting programs that reflect community interests.
  • Developing and managing volunteer programs in Clear Creek County that support the delivery of educational programs, including volunteer management, recruitment, screening, orientation, training, motivation, evaluation, and recognition. Volunteers are typically a key component of 4-H and horticulture programming and assist the Agent in extending opportunities and education to the public.
  • Developing working relationships with Extension faculty and staff in neighboring counties, on Extension work teams, with University researchers, local partners and other experts to plan, implement, evaluate, and report programming efforts.
  • Developing and maintaining a close working relationship with the Board of County Commissioners, county department heads and employees; and connecting local efforts with Extension resources as appropriate.
  • Providing administrative leadership, budget development and management, and direction for the Clear Creek County Extension office.
  • Developing and engaging a local Extension advisory group to assist in assessing program interests, identifying collaborators and resources, informing program and marketing strategies and sharing outcomes with the community.
  • Working individually and with others to generate external funding (grants, contracts, user fees) to augment programming efforts.