Community Outreach

At Clear Creek Emergency Medical Services (EMS), providing emergency medical care is just one step in the process. Educating the public is another vital service that we provide to the community.

Our community outreach programs include:

File of Life

The File of Life Program is a free service provided to make life-saving information accessible to ambulance and rescue personnel responding to medical emergencies. Your information is recorded before a medical emergency occurs; it is intended to make your information available in case you cannot communicate (for example if you are unconscious).

We provide a special folder called a File of Life. This folder is kept on top of your refrigerator. We provide a Clear Creek EMS magnet to keep on the front of your refrigerator to notify EMS personnel responding to an emergency that your necessary information is there.

The File of Life contains your current list of medications, allergy information, medical conditions, hospital preference, doctor's information, and emergency contact information. Your File of Life should also include your Do Not Resuscitate orders, Living Will and any other decisions you wish to make about your medical care. All information is confidential.

Elderly, disabled, and chronically ill persons are strongly encouraged to participate. The program is open to any individual who wishes to be included. To participate in the program, please call the Clear Creek EMS Administration Office at (303) 679-4215. We will send you an information packet with registration materials. Or, if you like, we will send one of our friendly emergency medical staff out to hand-deliver the information and assist you with completing the forms.

Community Paramedic Program

For nearly 75 million people living in rural areas of the United States, health care needs far outnumber health care options. These communities already include disproportionate numbers of elderly citizens, immigrants, impoverished families and those in poor health.

Residents often must travel great distances—incurring great expenses—to receive even the most basic care. Or worse, they receive no care at all.

The Community Paramedic Program closes the gap by expanding the role of EMS personnel. Through a standardized curriculum, accredited colleges and universities will train first responders at the appropriate level to serve communities more broadly in the areas of:

  • Primary care
  • Disease management
  • Prevention and wellness
  • Mental health
  • Dental care

The Community Paramedic Program adapts to the specific needs and resources of each community. It will succeed through the combined efforts of those that have a stake in maintaining the health and well-being of its residents.