Residential Additions & Alterations

If you have a home in unincorporated Clear Creek County, there may come a time when you want to add an addition or make an alteration to the home, or maybe even add a detached structure like a workshop or car port. All of these require a building permit from the county to be legal. Depending on what you want to work on, we have separated the information into five categories:

1.Re-roof, Re-siding and Window/Door Replacement  
2. Decks
Interior Remodels & Repairs
Additions and Attached Garages/Shops
Detached Structures

Click Here to submit your application or supporting documents

If you do not see a permit listed that applies to what you are doing, please explore our other permits such as roofs, mechanical, siding and windows, new single family residences, commercial, and more or email the Building Permits Coordinator to obtain the correct application.

It is important to know your property's zoning regulation before committing to a project. Each property's zoning regulations are different. To find out what your property is zoned as, please reference our county GIS, ClearMap. If you are not able to use the GIS, call the Planning Dept. at the number on the side of this page.

After you've communicated with the Planning Department about your plans, you need to determine if you're planning on adding a bedroom to your addition or structure. If you are planning on adding a bedroom, you need to now call Environmental Health to determine if your OWTS can handle the additional bedroom. If it cannot handle the additional bedroom, don't worry, Environmental Health will work with you on what you need to do to move forward. If you are not creating a bedroom, you do not need to reach out to Environmental Health at this time and can move forward.

Now that you've communicated with the Planning Department and the Environmental Health Department, you are ready to contact Site Development, and lastly gather the required items to apply for your building permit. Feel free to submit the applicable application form and required documents all together at the same time to the Permits Coordinator (Incomplete and partial applications will not be accepted). Details on Application Requirements can be found on the specific permit's page.

Clear Creek County Building Department bases their fees off of the 2015 IRC Fee Schedule. Fees are calculated by the Building Plans Examiner at the end of the permit process. We cannot provide you an estimate of your fees prior to calculation.