Commercial Energy Code Information

Commercial and Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Requirements

All new commercial and multi family construction must comply with the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code as adopted and amended by Clear Creek County. Due to our higher elevations and colder winters, our county is designated as Climate Zone 7. Any of the following three options may be used to design the multi family residential or commercial development to be in compliance with this Code.

Option Number 1 - The Residential prescriptive requirements are found in Chapter 4 of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code; The Commercial prescriptive requirements are found in Chapter 5 of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code.

Efficient Heating Unit Sizing - In order to ensure that the heating unit is sized correctly, Manual J calculations are required to be submitted. As an alternative to this requirement, a high efficiency furnace or boiler can be chosen and information on the appliance will need to be submitted. Manual J Design Requirements

Option Number 2 - As an alternative, compliance may also be demonstrated by using the calculation programs provided by the Department of Energy's Model Energy Code website. For this compliance method, ComCheck, MechCheck and Lighting Calculations must be submitted.

Option Number 3 – Another alternative way to demonstrate compliance is through certification from an approved national, state or local energy efficiency program