Oxbow Parcel


The Oxbow Parcel presents a tremendous recreational opportunity for the residents of Clear Creek County, neighboring counties in the region, and visitors to Colorado. This site is of important regional significance in that it provides an important link for the Clear Creek Greenway between Clear Creek County and neighboring Jefferson County. At the same time, the Oxbow site is a destination unto itself; a site of breathtaking beauty, scenic wildlife, rich cultural history, and highly sought after recreation amenities like the Cat Slab climbing wall.

The Oxbow Parcel property was purchased with funding from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Open Space Funds. GOCO also contributed significantly to the development of this site plan. The site plan sets out to enhance existing amenities, expand the range of recreational opportunities, and blend the needs of recreational users with the history and natural qualities of the site.

The Oxbow Parcel is located near Tunnel Number 5 on US Highway 6 in Clear Creek County, Colorado, and will one day be an important part of a much larger Greenway Trail that will connect Golden to Loveland Pass. The site has tremendous natural beauty marked by the roaring creek cutting through steep walls of the canyon and jagged stone outcrops. The site's vegetation ranges from the lowland floodplain up to the subalpine forest where bighorn sheep look over the canyon walls. This site is extremely unique for the County's Greenway Plan; it is one of very few reaches where the future greenway trail will not follow the Interstate 70 corridor. Instead, it follows the Oxbow, removed from the view and noise of traffic and capturing the quiet natural beauty of the place. (Site Plans (PDF))