Building Permits

Please click below on a permit to be taken to that permit's page which includes FAQ's, application instructions and criteria, and more.

New Residential Construction
Interior Remodel
Additions & Attached Garages/Shops
Detached Structures
Commercial and Multi-family Construction

Mechanical Permits
Re-roofs and Re-siding Installations, Window Replacements
Permanent Signs and Fences
Demolition Packet
Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Permit 
(The Building Dept. will let you know if you need this. Do not submit unless told to do so)

Individual Land Use Forms

All of these forms are attached to the specific checklists if they are required for your project, but if you need extra copies please click below
Zoning Verification Form
Construction Site Sanitation Agreement
Landowner Authorization
Temporary Building Acknowledgment Form
Carbon Monoxide Affidavit Form