Health Emergency Fact Sheets and Links

Many resources are available to learn how you can prepare yourself for a Public Health Emergency. Here is a list of topics and Internet links to fact sheets: How to better prepare yourself and your family for public health emergencies

Extreme winter weather
Influenza (the flu)
Food-borne illnesses
Reportable diseases
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response at the Colorado state level
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response at the national level
Colorado DPHE Ebola information

Nation Security Risks

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides Information on High-Priority Agents that pose a risk to national security. These agents (called category "A" agents) can be easily transmitted and disseminated, result in high mortality, have a potentially major public health impact, may cause public panic, or require special action for public health preparedness. Please be advised with this list of helpful fact sheets.