Health Screenings/Assessments

Public Health Nursing provides several types of health screenings--some on-going and some scheduled at special times of the year. No office fee is charged. Most screenings are given at the Community Resource Center in Idaho Springs during regular business hours, by appointment, or drop-in as nurses are available. Some screenings can be done on-site at schools or place of business. Screenings may be free or at low cost depending on the type of health issue. The following are a list of screenings provided. For more details or for an appointment, call a Public Health Nurse at (303) 670-7546.

- Blood Pressure

- Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

- Cholesterol

- Body Composition: Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage

- Blood Glucose (Diabetes) - Pregnancy

- Mammograms/Pelvic Exams (On one day of the year only, generally in April through September, at the Women's Wellness Event. Watch for announcements on Web sites and through local media) 

9 Health Fair

Our 9Health Fair for 2017 (usually in April) will be announced in March of 2017

Women's Wellness Day

Every year, early in the fall, Clear Creek County Public and Environmental Health arranges for the mobile mammography unit to spend a day in Idaho Springs. In 2015, the October visit filled up with overflow and we arranged for a second visit in January of 2016. This is a very convenient option for this very important screening! Please call if you would like to participate or if you have questions about getting a mammogram "on the bus"!!