Guanella Pass Information- Winter Closure

Date: 11/12/2020

Re: Update on Guanella Pass Winter Closure

In normal years, Clear Creek County closes the Guanella Pass Road at the Naylor Lake intersection from, the Monday after Thanksgiving through the Friday before Memorial Day. 

Given the drought conditions, fire danger, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Clear Creek County gated the Guanella Pass Road earlier than normal at its winter closure location (Naylor Lake Road intersection). As dry weather conditions and the pandemic have continued in their prevalence, the County will retain the summit closure until May of 2021.  

To provide winter maintenance on the Guanella Pass Road is very costly for Clear Creek County and requires unavailable resources. We will maintain Guanella Pass Road on a first-day-service to Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Plant and then on a second/third-day-basis to the Naylor Lake intersection after a snowfall.

It is our hope the Guanella Pass Road will reopen on or about Friday, May 28, 2021. 

From a geographic perspective, Guanella Pass Road closes on the Georgetown/I-70 side at 0.8 miles from the summit and Bierstadt Trailhead.  For the Park County/Hwy 285 side of the pass, the road is closed 6 miles down from the summit/Bierstadt Trailhead.  For those seeking access to the summit, the Georgetown/I-70 access is the best and closest plan.  There is a small parking lot at the gated closure to allow parking while recreating.

From a recreation perspective on the Georgetown/I-70 side of the pass, there are other areas along the road offering excellent recreation opportunities:

1) Silver Dale Trailhead - day use only, no fires, excellent hiking, biking, nordic skiing/snowshoeing opportunities with trail map links here

2) Leavenworth Road/Waldorf Townsite - four-wheel-drive-high-clearance vehicles ONLY!  Access to several campsites, excellent hiking, biking, jeeping & motorized recreation, nordic recreation, and access to scenic location such as Pavilion Point, the Argentine Central Railroad Trail, the Waldorf Townsite, Argentine Pass, etc.  

3) Clear Lake Day Use Areas - hiking, nordic recreation, photography, etc.  

4) Naylor & Silver Dollar Lake Recreation areas - located at the gate closure of Guanella Pass Road, small parking lot, hiking, biking, nordic recreation.  

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact our office: 303-679-2312, or check the Guanella Pass Road Information Line at 303-679-2422 x.2 for updates. Thank you.