Phone Calls

Inmates are given one initial phone call that is free. This is to attempt to bond or notify someone that they are in custody. Phone calls after this are either a collect call to the party or on a phone card that the inmate can purchase through the jail. The name of the phone provider is Securus. The billing portion is handled by Correctional Billing Services. Their customer service number is 800-844-6591.

Phone calls are limited to 15 minutes. You should hear a warning tone 30 seconds before it is terminated. This limit is placed so that all inmates have equal access to use of the phones.

The use of the phones is considered a privilege and can be taken away from the inmates for improper use or other violations within the jail.

Phone numbers can be blocked by the Detentions staff. If you are receiving unwanted phone calls, please call the jail at 303-679-2396 and ask that your number be blocked.

Phone Services
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