Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit Applications and Information

WINTER MORATORIUM - Right-of-Way ROW Utility and Construction Permits

Right-of-way permits shall not be issued earlier than May 1st of each year and all right-of-way work shall be completed by October 31st of each year. Permits will be issued only for emergency utility repair between these dates.

All emergency permits for installation required to be done during that period (Oct. 31st to April 30th) are to comply with PUC laws, rules and regulations, will be approved for boring or open trench work only if above ground temporary installation is not suitable.

Emergency utility repair is permitted without prior application, but after-the-fact applications shall be submitted immediately after the Road and Bridge office has reopened, and permit procedures will be followed in the same manner used for non-emergency work. Notification shall be given to the Road and Bridge Department and Sheriff Department at the time of the emergency work. Placement of back-fill material that has not been observed by Road and Bridge Department staff, documented with appropriate compaction testing, or otherwise approved by the Road and Bridge Department may be subject to removal and replacement with proper compaction when site conditions allow.

To get an emergency Right-of-Way Permit Application or for questions regarding work in the right-of-way, contact Darin Vashaw at: dvashaw@clearcreekcounty.us