Building Department

To meet with us in person, please call or email for an office appointmet so that we can help you a efficiently as possible.

COVID-19 Update: Building inspections related to occupied residential dwelling units that require an inspector to enter will need to meet certain requirements.  You will be called in the morning of the scheduled inspection by the inspector for information regarding the occupancy.  All other inspections will take place as normal. 

 Clear Creek County Building Department

The services provided by the Building Department are aimed at protecting the public’s safety by regulating the design, construction, materials, use and occupancy, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the unincorporated areas of Clear Creek County.

Permit Submittal

To view the requirements and apply for the various building permits, please visit our Permits Pages here.

Permit and Parcel Research

Prospective Buyers Information Packets Available. Parcel Research Packages are $75. 
Apply here for a Parcel Research Package for Relators and Prospective Homebuyers.


If you need to call to request your inspection, dial (303) 670-7534. Please call before 4:30 pm the day prior to when you desire the inspection to occur and provide any relevant information including access, address, and information pertinent to the inspection itself.  The inspection line is checked at the beginning of each business day.

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