Emergency Management

Clear Creek Office of Emergency Management

The Clear Creek County Office of Emergency Management prepares for managing the consequences of natural and human-caused disasters, emergencies, and events. This is done through a comprehensive program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Activities & Responsibilities

  • Mitigation: Activities that eliminate or reduce the chance of occurrence or effects of a disaster
  • Preparedness: The time prior to the onset of a threat, emergency, or disaster; it involves planning and activities that are focused on improving the overall capability of responding to and managing emergencies or disasters
  • Increased Readiness: Responding to the forecast of a disaster; county departments monitor and assess conditions that could develop into a major emergency or disaster situation and keep the Office of Emergency Management informed of any potential problems
  • Response: This starts at the onset of an emergency or disaster event and continues until the situation is stabilized or brought under control
  • Initial Relief and Recovery: This starts as soon as the situation becomes stabilized and continues until essential services are re-established and long-term recovery planning and redevelopment activities can begin


Disaster management and the resources to deal with it require a partnership among all levels of government, the private / business sector, voluntary organizations, and the general public/community.

More Information

2016 Hazzard Mitigation Plan (PDF)

Evacuation Preparedness (PDF)

Wildfire Action Plan Information (PDF)

Countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan (PDF)

Community Wildfire Protection Implementation Plans

City of Idaho Springs Area (PDF)

Floyd Hill/ Beaver Brook/ Saddleback Area (PDF)

Fall River Watershed Area (PDF)

Town of Georgetown Area (PDF)

Georgetown Loop Railroad Area (PDF)

Town of Empire (PDF)

Upper Bear Creek Area (PDF)

Echo Hills Area (PDF)

Upper Witter Gulch CWPIP (PDF)

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) - For more information, on the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) contact the Office of Emergency Management staff.

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