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2022 Building Permit Submittal

  1. Residential Permit Documents & Applications

    You can submit a Building Permit Application and  additional documents that we've requested through this form. 
    Once we've accepted your application, you can access your permit via our eTrakit Portal below.  
    *Contractors, please call us after we've accepted your application for initial access

  2. Permit Type:*
  3. Before You Upload:

    We accept PDF's and photos of forms only. All construction plans and site plans must be a PDF due to scaling requirement.
    Please be sure you've reviewed the applicable checklist and your documents meet the requirements to avoid being not accepted for intake review. You can preview your checklist before you submit using the link directly below. It will take you to a new tab, so you won't lose your place.

  4. Payment

    We will reach out to you for payments. We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Cash. Checks are payable to Clear Creek County and can be mailed to:

    Clear Creek County
    Attn: Comm. Dev. Permits
    PO Box 2000
    Georgetown, Colorado 80444

    You will receive e-mail receipt of check acceptance.
    We cannot give you an estimate of your fee, but do follow the 2015 IRC Table 1-R in addition to our county regulations to calculate fees. Please visit the building department website for more information.

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