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Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

  1. Before Filling Out This Form

    Please be sure you have at least one document ready to upload. 
    Pre-Application Meetings cost a fee. 

  2. Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

    Residential Pre-Application Meeting - $100
    Commercial Pre-Application Meeting - $200
    Payment due at meeting time
    Cash, check, credit card accepted

  3. Owner name per the Clear Creek County Assessor's Office.

  4. If the applicant is not the landowner a Landowner Authorization needs to be submitted from the owner (owner per the Assessor's office)  to the applicant.  *If the land is owned by an LLC, Trust, Corporation or any other entity that is not a human, you must also submit an Article of Organization stating the signer has signing authority for the owner of the land.

  5. Please submit an Article of Organization, Trust documents, or another officially recorded document showing signing authority for the individual who signed the Landowner Authorization to the applicant if the land ownership is not under a person with the Clear Creek County Assessor's Office.

  6. Project Info
  7. Please provide a description of your project, your future project aspirations, or your concerns.

  8. Let us know why you need a meeting for this project. There are no wrong answers.

  9. Meeting Details

    Please provide us with 3 potential days/times that you would be available for your 1-hour meeting. All requests can be the same day and different times, or different days and times. If we cannot accommodate one of your 3 preferred times, we will counter with another time as close to Preference #1 as we can and go from there to solidify a date/time. 

    Please pick dates at least 48 hours from today.  We cannot schedule meetings in less than 48 hours.

    Clear Creek County is CLOSED on Fridays

  10. Meeting Details

     -Meetings are usually one hour or less (project specific). We do not charge if it goes over.
    - Depending on your project type, we will determine which representatives from which departments will need to be present. 
    - There may be anywhere from 2-10 county community development representatives present for your meeting, please be aware. 
    **You have 15 minutes from the confirmed meeting time to be present at your meeting. Any no-call no-shows after 15 minutes of meeting time will forfeit their meeting with no opportunity to reschedule. 

  11. At the Time of Meeting*
  12. You MUST upload at least 1 file to request a meeting in the File #1 box. This file can be construction docs, ideas, site plans, excavation documents or any other relevant documents. Feel free to upload as many documents as you'd like in advance so we are as prepared as possible for your meeting.

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