Transportation Liaison


Our Transportation Liaison assists Clear Creek County policymakers and staff with the development of appropriate transportation initiatives, policies, programs, positions, and projects for the advancement of transportation services.

The Liaison communicates to federal, state, and local partners on Clear Creek County's transportation policies, programs, and projects to ensure a clear understanding of our position. Ensures that correct information is communicated from our various transportation partners back to the County Manager and the Board of County Commissioners and serves as a County representative on various transportation committees, teams, task forces, etc.

The Transportation Liaison tracks and ensures all applicable transportation agreements, permit conditions, budgets, and other regulatory documents are enforced and implemented and reviews and maintains applicable records related to transportation projects and programs.

The Liaison provides communication to the public on transportation projects, issues, and policies and ensures procedures are implemented to obtain citizen input and support. Plans and coordinates public involvement opportunities, forums, and events and contributes written and oral communication in the production of County newsletters, media releases, and other publications for internal and external release. The position responds to general questions about transportation programs and projects.