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Clear Creek County has some of the best trails in Colorado.  With more than 300 sq miles of public land, mountainous terrain, and a population of less than 10,000 people, most of the more than 100 miles of multi-use trails within the county remain relatively uncrowded. Many of our trails are former mining and wagon roads, some built more than 100 years ago, that have been "re-purposed" to better suit hiking, biking and OHV users.  Beginning in 2017, the new Clear Creek County Trails Crew, in collaboration with volunteer groups, the USFS, and other governmental and private organizations, has been diligently repairing, improving, building and maintaining trails across the County to meet user expectations of a world class recreational experience.

Whether you like to Hike, Bike, Jeep, OHV, Snowshoe, Ski or Snowmobile, you will find that Clear Creek County offers significant opportunity - click on the links below to find your next adventure!

Trail Information

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Trail Updates

  • 1/2/2020 - Pulled the snow groomer around the BLT (Bakerville Loveland Trail) loop with our Polaris UTV, it's now in great shape for backcountry skiers & fat bikes - trailhead at the far eastern side of the parking lot at Loveland Valley.  Also used the Polaris to plow the parking lot at FHOS (Floyd Hill Open Space) to get it ready for the next storm ;-)
  • 12/19/2020 - cleared 9 downed trees at Shadows Ranch (I mean "Alverado Open Space Park") that were blocking the dirt road around the pond.  Also picked-up the Polaris from the shop, now ready to groom snow trails and plow parking lots with its new starter!
  • 12/11/2019 - cleared a downed tree on Dunbarton yesterday and hoisted the final (huge) downed tree off the Rutherford Trail today with help from Kevin from Georgetown Parks & Rec.  Rutherford, Dunbarton and Silverdale are now cleared of all debris (until the next storm)...
  • 12/5/2019 - cleared 3 downed trees on the Railbed trail in Silver Dale yesterday, and 17 more (most large with a LOT of branches) across the Rutherford trail today.  Wow, the windstorm really did some damage!  If you come across any downed trees or other trail issues while you are out, please let us know: or 303-679-2308.

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Trail Conditions
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