What can I build on my property?

This is a Planning & Zoning question, in most cases vacant land must remain vacant until a principal permitted use is established. See below for details.

1. Use this link to open a new tab with instruction on how to find your Zoning of the parcel in question
2. Find the Zoning Regulations that match your Zoning 

               Hint: MR-1 and R-1 are Residential, M-1 is Mining. You can build ONE Single Family Residence on parcels with these zoning designations
3. Read through the applicable Zoning Regulations to understand what we allow to be built, setbacks, and use information for Clear Creek County.

The Planning Department can be reached at 303-679-2436 if you have questions after you've read through your Zoning Regulations on your own.
There is a process to 're-zone' your parcel if the current zoning designation does not meet your needs. Please call us to discuss if this is an option for your parcel.

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