Silver Dale Non-Motorized


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Clear Creek County, Clear Creek Ranger District USFS, Colorado Division of

Wildlife, Colorado Historical Society, Town of Georgetown, Town of Silver Plume, Historic Georgetown Inc.

Lower Silver Dale Non-Motorized Recreation Area

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The purpose of this plan is to provide and manage a non motorized recreational area in Silver Dale. The purpose is in keeping with the Cooperative Management Agreement under which the HDPLC member agencies received former BLM lands in Public Law 103-253. The Management Agreement states the purpose of the Commission: "to establish cooperative, unified, and coordinated planning of designs and implementation and development of recreational, preservation and educational uses within the subject property."

Further, according to the agreement, one of the objectives of the Commission is "the identification of historic roadbeds, paths or ways within the subject property which have or could serve as single or multiple use trails."

The Lower Silver Dale area is former BLM lands transferred to the Town of Georgetown and the United States Forest Service. It is easily accessed from the Guanella Pass Road over property held by Historic Georgetown Inc. for conservation purposes. The network of pathways in Lower Silver Dale has been used for numerous years by walkers, mountain bikers, snowshoers and cross county skiers. The area is ideal for short walks in the forest over relatively level terrain and, as such, has filled a recreational need not satisfied on more lengthy USFS and HDPLC trails. Parking is available on the west side of the creek and Historic Georgetown has provided a footbridge to the trails. The non-motorized use of the area was promoted through identification signing by the HDPLC. The increased traffic on Guanella Pass, coupled with the desire to diversify the recreational experiences along the Byway as expressed in the Guanella Pass Scenic ByWay Management Plan, suggests that the Silver Dale non-motorized area be more formally recognized, signed and interpreted. The US Forest Service has also proposed an official ByWay kiosk at the Silver Dale site which would create additional focus on the area. The boundaries of the proposed Recreational Area were designed to conform to public, non-profit and utility parcels, contain the historic site of the Colorado Central Mill, and provide for a number of walking and biking loops.


(see map at top of page)

Southern limit: Due east from south entrance to Lower Silver Dale
Western limit: Guanella Pass Road
Northern limit: From Krueger property line due east to private properties, (Capital Central No 6 and Wide West claims), around private properties and due east to intersection with eastern limit.
Eastern limit: From the southern most switchback on the Chicago Lake Road due north to the
Intersection with the northern limit.


1. Develop and mark trails limiting disturbance to vegetation to preserve habitat.

2. Create Silver Dale walking map and brochure.

3. Work with USFS, CCCTB and Guanella Pass Scenic byway Committee to develop interpretative signs at the footbridge to include a map of the trail system and information about habitat and watershed preservation, user ethics and preservation of cultural resources.

4. Work with Town of Georgetown for interpretive signs at the remains of the Colorado Central Mill.

5. Request appropriate agencies to close reservoir crossing to all but administrative use.

6. Participate in wildfire forest management including powerline tree trimming activities.

7. Request a letter from Public Service Company relative to electromagnetic readings under the powerlines.

8. Discuss with FHWA and USFS the creation of an upper level parking area and possible restrooms for Silver Dale in conjunction with the Guanella Pass Road Project.

9. Develop a cooperative relationship with private land owners to include repair of holes on Town of Georgetown property.

10. Determine the boundaries of private property owner access.