Recreational Shooting 

General Information Regarding Shooting

Areas Open to Recreational Sport Shooting

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife map of shooting ranges in Colorado
  • Private property in Clear Creek County 
    • Shooting is allowed on private property within Clear Creek County with the following guidelines:
      • If local covenants/home owners association allow
      • With permission from the property owner
      • A sufficient backstop in place to keep bullets from leaving the property
      • No Drugs or Alcohol
      • Follow Colorado Revised Statues pertaining to Firearms or other misconduct
      • Be respectful of your neighbors, no shooting after sunset or before sunrise
  • United States Forest Service (U.S.F.S.)

Areas Closed to Recreational Sport Shooting

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
    • Bergen Peak State Wildlife Area (PDF) - The discharge of firearms or bows is prohibited, except when hunting.
    • Georgetown State Wildlife Area - Those lands that are within the Georgetown municipal limits.
  • Denver Mountain Parks
    • No firearms, bows, or hunting uses are allowed on Denver Mountain Park properties.
  • Historic District Public Lands (HDPLC) 
    • All public lands within the HDPLC boundary and the Saxon Mountain Study Area are closed for shooting purposes, besides those for the purposes of hunting during established hunting seasons.
    • Please see this map (PDF) of Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District Public Lands for more information
  • USFS Properties

Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership