Clear Creek Shooting Sports Park Project

Since 2013, Clear Creek County has worked with the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest (ARNF), Boulder, Gilpin, and Larimer Counties, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (collectively the Northern Front Range Sport Shooting Management Partnership) to develop management strategies for recreational sport shooting on the ARNF.  Recreational sport shooting (RSS) is a longstanding and legitimate use of Forest lands, however, increased recreation is making many areas unsuitable.  

In recent years Colorado’s population has been increasing annually by more than 100,000 with 80% of this growth occurring along the Front Range.  As population has increased, so have the number of people who live near and use the National Forest. The mixing of RSS activities on Forest lands in close proximity to residences and other high use public areas is causing safety concerns. Tragically, people have been struck by stray bullets and seriously injured on the ARNF.

A Recreational Sport Shooting Management Environmental Assessment (EA) was conducted by the ARNF as a part of the Front Range Partnership effort and the decision will amend the Forest Plan to address dispersed recreational sport shooting. Based on that EA, Clear Creek County is party to an agreement that commits us to, in exchange for closing identified areas of concern in the ARNF north of Interstate 70, providing 15 public shooting lanes (or 25 in combination with Gilpin County). The Forest Service will also be providing public shooting lanes on their land at Devil’s Nose that, once open, will close dispersed shooting in identified areas of concern in the Forest south of Interstate 70.

Clear Creek County spent several years evaluating multiple sites for feasibility for a new public range.  The proposed location at Dumont was determined to be the best area because it is County owned land, there is an existing range, and the access, topography and utilities are favorable. Through a grant from CPW in 2019, the County has hired the consulting firm CVA and Associates to complete a Conceptual Plan, including a Business/Operational Master Plan, for a new public shooting sports park.  Drafts of documents associated with this project and process are available below. 

Final Plans & Documents:

Business Plan

Schematic Design

Standard Operating Procedures & Maintenance