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Mountain Youth Network (MYN) implements Communities That Care (CTC) prevention process for youth in Clear Creek County

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Mountain Youth Network (MYN) is a community coalition in Clear Creek County. MYN was created to implement the internationally recognized Communities that Care prevention process. Communities That Care (CTC) is an evidence-based prevention planning system that promotes healthy development, improves outcomes and reduces problem behaviors among youth.

The CTC process uses local data to identify risk factors and protective factors in the community. Based on this assessment, the community coalition (Mountain Youth Network here in Clear Creek County) then implements strategies to decrease risks and increase protections.

In addition to community collaboration, the CTC process emphasizes Positive Youth Development (PYD) where youth are supported in rising to their full potential. Mountain Youth Network has prioritized the development of opportunities for youth engagement in our community.

Our Vision:

Elevating YOUTH!

Our Mission:

Together in Clear Creek County, we inspire and support our youth to find their path to hope, health and happiness.

Funding for Communities That Care

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) provided grants to local public health agencies across the state to implement Communities That Care (CTC). This funding is available through tax revenue from retail marijuana sales. Clear Creek County was eligible for this opportunity because mental health and substance abuse were identified as priorities and documented in the Public Health Improvement Plan (PDF) created from the 2013 Community Health Assessment.

5 Phases

The CTC process includes five phases. Mountain Youth Network has navigated successfully through the first four phases; currently operating in Phase 5: Implement and Evaluate.

To learn more or to get involved go to the Mountain Youth Network website.   Visit Communities That Care Plus website to learn about the CTC process.

Read about the impact of CTC in Colorado in this report:cover impact report

For more information:

Laura Robertson

Coordinator, Mountain Youth Network

Becca Bernal

Assistant Coordinator, Mountain Youth Network