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Parcel Research Package

  1. Package Contents

    A Parcel Research Package Includes the following information if available:

    • Electric Supplier
    • Water/Septic Supply 
    • Natural Gas Supplier
    • Road Access
    • Short Term Rental License
    • Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance Issued
    • Parcel Zoning
    • Setbacks
    • Lot Size
    • Floodplain
    • Wind Load
    • Roof Snow Load
    • Active Parcel Restrictions
    • Known Planning Events
    • Any Associated Permits
  2. *If applicable

  3. If you enter an address and the parcel does not have a business or residence on it, we cannot locate it. The County does not address parcels with sheds/cabins/workshops etc. that don't also have a residence. These addresses are usually not county issued and we cannot use it to identify the parcel you are inquiring about. Please use our GIS ClearMap to locate your parcel number.

  4. Parcel has a Residence on it*
  5. Delivery Method*
  6. Physical Copies

    Physical copies of documents are $.25/page for 8.5X11 black and white, and $.35/page for 8.5X11 color or 11X17 pages. Additional Fees in the Mapping Department Fee Schedule are applicable for all printed site plans and construction documents. (We do not print site plans and construction plans on regular paper). Postage is required to be paid by the requestor as well.

  7. Product Fee*

    This Parcel Research Package costs $75.  We will email you with an invoice when we have processed the request with payment instructions. Payment options include check, cash or credit card.

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