Site Development Permits

Important Announcement Regarding Site Development Permits

The Site Development Department is only accepting electronic submissions of permit applications.   Please submit applications and supporting information via the Clear Creek County Permit Portal.  

If you are unable complete the application process online, permit applications and supporting information can be emailed to  

The Site Development Department administers the following permits:

Grading & Excavation/Driveway Permits

Grading & Excavation/Driveway Permits must be obtained whenever a property owner, developer, contractor, or other individual proposes to conduct earth-disturbing activity of more than 800 square feet of surface area or construct a driveway.  All projects involving an attached and/or detached garage addition require a Major Grading & Excavation Permit and shall have a permitted driveway that is compliant with current driveway standards or shall be required to obtain a Driveway Permit to construct or improve access in order to meet current driveway standards. 

The application form below can be used for all Grading & Excavation/Driveway Permit submittals.  Once the application form and required submittals are received by the Site Development Department, the permit type and fee will be assigned in accordance with the Grading & Excavation Regulations and Fee Schedule.

Retaining Wall Permits

All retaining walls over 4 feet in total height, whether in a single line or multiple tiers, require a Retaining Wall Permit and shall be engineered and certified by an engineer prior to final approval.  Total retaining wall height is measured from the ground surface at the toe of the lowest tier of the retaining wall system to the top of the highest tier of the retaining wall system.

Floodplain Development Permits

Floodplain Development Permits are required any time that fill or structural improvements are proposed in the regulatory floodplain. The regulatory floodplain is that area shown on the adopted FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs).  These maps are also available on the FEMA website  or at the County Annex.  Floodplain boundaries can be viewed on the Clear Creek County ClearMap System.  See the link below for Floodplain Development Permit submittal requirements and information.  More complete and detailed information on floodplain management regulations can be found in Chapter 12  of the Clear Creek County Matter of State Interest (1041 Regulations).