Clear Creek County Coroner

A coroner is elected for the term of four years. Candidates for the position are encouraged by the General Assembly to possess knowledge and experience in the medical-legal investigation of death. It is also the intent of the General Assembly that those individuals holding this office participate in programs designed to develop and enhance their qualifications in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities associated with the office. The coroner may declare an individual dead if he finds the individual has sustained the irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory function.

The mission of the Clear Creek County Coroner’s Office is to protect the interests of deceased individuals and the citizens of Clear Creek County by conducting independent investigations of deaths occurring within our jurisdiction. We determine the cause and manner of death, the identity of the decedent and provide notification to the legal next of kin with compassion, professionalism, and integrity.

Coroner Responsibilities

  • Sign death certificates.
  • Notify family members of deaths.
  •  Distributing accurate and timely information to family members, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, health care professionals and the public.
  •  Testifying in civil and criminal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my loved one be taken?

  • Transported to Clear Creek County Coroner’s facility in Idaho Springs.

When can I get a death certificate?

  • A death certificate will be signed as soon as possible after an autopsy or exam is complete. A final death certificate will be issued once all tests are completed.

Where do I obtain a death certificate?

  • Your funeral home will assist with this. Death certificates can also be obtained through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 866-300-8540.

Will an autopsy be performed?

  • The Coroner will determine if and when this will be done. An autopsy is usually done if the cause of death cannot be substantiated by other means and when a case requires forensic documentation for prosecution or other means.

Is it necessary for me to personally identify the body?

  • No, in many cases visual identification is not required. If identity cannot be easily obtained you may be contacted to provide assistance in obtaining medical or dental records.

Is viewing allowed?

  • No, the Coroner’s office is not designed to provide viewing.The funeral home can facilitate in making arrangements for viewings.

What should I do now?

  • Select a funeral home as soon as possible and have them coordinate with Clear Creek County Coroner’s Office.

How long before the Coroner releases my relative/friend?

  • It should generally take no longer then 2 to 3 days. The Coroner will inform you if there are any circumstances in which it may take longer.

How can I recover personal possessions?

  • The legal next of kin may claim any personal possessions that will be in custody of the Coroner. In order to get the items please call the Coroner’s Office to arrange a time to do so. Clothing is not included in the personal items they are usually released with the body to the mortuary.

Will I be charged for Coroner’s service?

  • No.