Water Quality

Water Quality

Water is critical for a good quality of life! Here in Clear Creek County we have an abundance of creeks, lakes, streams, and springs which contribute to the natural beauty of our mountain county. Many of our citizens have homes or businesses which are serviced by underground well water. Our surface waters are used for recreation during the summer months and also for drinking water to a large majority of our residents. Clean and safe water is essential to a healthy and enjoyable life. When drinking water becomes contaminated, the immediate and long-term effects can be serious or even life-threatening. Clear Creek Environmental Health works closely with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control Division and other State entities to ensure that Clear Creek County waterways and downstream users stay safe and healthy.

Services Provided

  • Advise homeowners on methods of disinfecting well water systems.
  • Available State lab well testing kits for Clear Creek County Residents.
  • Arrange collection of well-water samples to transport to the State laboratory (not offered during winter months)
  • Respond to notifications of mining related releases into waterways.

Wells: Drilling, Permitting and Information

To obtain information regarding private wells; please contact Colorado Division of Water Resources at (303) 866-3581 or by visiting the Colorado Division of Water Resources website.

It is the responsibility of each well owner to assure a safe supply of water from their well. Well water can contain both naturally occurring and otherwise occurring contaminants. Please contact Clear Creek Environmental Health if there is any concern about your well water quality and information and guidance can be provided.

To Report a Water Quality Incident (spills, mining releases, etc.) 

If you observe a water quality incident please immediately contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Reporting line at 1-877-518-5608. 

Watershed Associations in Clear Creek County

Clear Creek County has two active watershed associations dedicated to protecting and preserving water quality of our creeks, streams, lakes and rivers. For more information about their individual missions and current projects, please visit their webpages:

Bear Creek Watershed Association website

Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association website