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  1. 2022 Building Permit Submittal

    Please use this form to upload any application documents. You will receive a confirmation e-mail generated manually by a human... More…

  2. Open Burn Notification for Individuals with Respiratory Conditions

    Individuals with a respiratory condition may request to be notified of proposed open burning of slash piles. Individuals with a... More…

  3. Pre-Application Meeting Request Form
  4. Referral Response Planner I
  5. Referral Response Planning Director
  6. Re-Roof, Re-Siding, Window and Door Replacement Permits
  7. Zoning Complaint Form
  1. Community Development Customer Service Survey
  2. Permit submittal
  3. Referral Response County Engineer
  4. Referral Response Planner II
  5. Referral Response Senior Planner
  6. Special Event Referral Agency Sign off Form

    Please provide any comments, concerns or conditions required by your agency for the approval of this Special Event Permit