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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the County Annex is open to the public by appointment only between the hours of 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, Monday though Friday.  Most staff are working remotely and will be able to address most inquiries via phone and email correspondence.  Please contact the applicable department below to make an appointment:

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The Community Development Division includes the permitting departments of Building, Planning, and Site Development (County Engineer) as well as the departments and programs of Special Projects, County Lands, Water Resources, Housing, Colorado State University (CSU) Extension, and the Open Space Commission. Each of these departments play specific rolls in the development of land, protection of natural resources, and community enhancement for the County.

The Division also works very closely with other various County departments including Environmental Health, Mapping, and Public Works.

Community Development Organizational Chart

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The departments of Building, Planning, Site Development, and Environmental Health work together in the review and issuance of various development permits. Because most projects require permits from each of these departments, we have prepared development packets that explain how the permits and their reviews are coordinated to assure a seamless development review experience.

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Building Department

The services provided by the Building Department are aimed at protecting the public’s safety by regulating the design, construction, materials, use and occupancy, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the unincorporated areas of Clear Creek County.

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Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for processing land use applications for rezonings, divisions of land, subdivisions, and other land use entitlements. Planning Staff reviews building permits to ensure conformance with standards set forth in the Zoning Regulations such as permitted uses, building height, signage, animals, and other standards. Planning Staff is also responsible for long range and comprehensive planning updates, zoning code enforcement, special event permitting, and other special permits and programs.

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Site Development/Engineering

The Site Development Department and the County Engineer reviews driveway and excavation plans, issues related permits, and monitors performance for driveway construction and construction on building sites.

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Special Projects

Although diverse in programming, the departments under the “Special Projects” umbrella all focus on long-range community development and services goals related to people, infrastructure, land, and natural resources:

Special Projects 

County Lands 

Water Resources 


CSU Extension 

Open Space Commission 

Related Departments

Community Development staff work very closely with other various departments to assure seamless review of development projects and other special projects. In particular, we work very closely with the following partner departments:

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Department’s mission is to promote, protect and improve the lifelong health of individuals and communities in Clear Creek County through the effective use of date, evidence-based prevention strategies, leadership, advocacy, partnership and the pursuit of health equity.

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The Mapping Department was created with the mission of providing support to all county offices in the area of mapping services. Historically, this meant providing the departments with actual maps but more recently it has grown to include digital mapping systems. With the advancement of computer technology and computer graphics, geographic information can be accessed more easily and efficiently through geographic information systems (GIS).

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Road & Bridge

The Road and Bridge Department is responsible for maintaining the condition of over 200 miles of roads within the County’s approved maintenance plan, as well as performing Capital Improvement Projects and other special construction projects.

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