Fee Schedule

The following fees will be charged for providing materials pursuant to the Colorado Children's Code Records and Information ACT, CRS 24-72-302, and the Colorado Criminal Justice ACT, CRS 24-72-301 et seq.

A victim of a Victims Rights Act (VRA) crime has the right to receive one free copy of the initial/basic criminal report at the discretion of the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office, pursuant to CRS 24-4.1-302.5(b)(9).    

Administrative, Evidentiary, Sex Offender Registration fees and Vehicle Identification Number Inspection payments can be made in Cash, Check, or Money Order and made payable to the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office. Electronic Checks and Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) are accepted in person or by phone with a service fee of 2.7%.

To pay by phone, call (303) 679-2376, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (excluding holidays). 


Report Research/Retrieval Fee 
$10.00 per Each Request 
Report Research/Retrieval Fee
(Per Hour, after the first hour)

$30.00 per Hour Research/Retrieval Fee
 After the first hour, per CRS 24-72-205 (6)(a), A  Research/Retrieval FEE will be Assessed for  
 EVERY REQUEST to INSPECT PUBLIC RECORDS  whether or not the requested record is located.  There is NO CHARGE for the first hour, after the  first hour, $30.00 per hour Fee will be assessed. 

Concealed Weapons Permit

See Concealed Weapon Permit page

Evidentiary - CJIS

Report Research/Retrieval Fee 
$10.00 per Each Request 
Criminal Justice Records Search Fee
(Per Hour after First Hour)

$30.00 per Hour per each Request 
Dispatch Recordings$30.00 per Recording

Audio Recordings

$30.00 per Recording


$30.00 per Request

Research / Retrieval Fee$30.00 per Hour

Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Video Request$30.00 per Video

BWC Research & Redaction Processing Fee$30.00 per Hour per each Request


Bonding Fee

$10 per bond

Processing Fee

$30 each

Work Release

$50 per day

Must have court and jail administer approval

Cost of Care

$25 per day

*Or amount ordered by judge

Mitt (1st time)

$30 each

For booking fees

Indigent Kits

$2 per kit

Provided one at a time

Sex Offender Registrations   

-NEW- Sex Offender Registration


-RENEWAL- Sex Offender Registration


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspections   

Certified VIN Inspection


Regular VIN Inspection