Noxious Weed Management

About Noxious Weeds

Throughout the unincorporated areas of the County noxious weeds must be managed in accordance with Ordinance 11-A, the Clear Creek County Noxious Weed Management Plan. For Ordinance 11-A please see the following link

Noxious Weed Management (PDF)

Funding Available to Combat Noxious Weed Infestations Following Natural Disasters

The following link is to the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) website and provides information on applications for grant funding to combat the spread of noxious weeds resulting from a natural disaster such as forest fires or flooding.

Noxious Weeds Watch List

The Watch List is intended to serve advisory and educational purposes only; to encourage the identification and reporting of these species to the Commissioner [of Agriculture] in order to facilitate the collection of information to assist in determining which species should be designated as noxious weeds.

The following link is to the CDA Conservation Services Division which provides "technical and financial support" for managing natural resources.

Colorado Noxious Weed Management Grants website