Winter Driving Preparedness

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To the Citizens of Clear Creek County from the 
Public Works Division
Road & Bridge Department 
2022/2023 Winter Operations

The Clear Creek County Road and Bridge Department would like to inform the citizens of Clear Creek County about what to expect for snow plowing and sanding operations.

It is impossible to meet the needs of all citizens.  Therefore, the Road and Bridge Department recommends that anyone operating a motor vehicle during this season take the time to equip their vehicle with necessary winter equipment.

winter car

The following is an inventory list of recommended items that should be in each vehicle:

Car Supplies

It is the policy of the Road & Bridge Dept. to clear the school bus routes first and then the collector or “Primary” classified roads for peak traffic travel.  After these roads are cleared, the local roads or “Secondary-County Maintained” roads are then plowed. All motorists must realize there may be periods during storm events when the roads will not be freshly plowed and sanded.                                                 

During a snow event that is outside of our regular business hours of Mon – Fri, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, our operators are notified by their Supervisor to report to work or to stay after 3:30 pm to continue plowing operations. During continuous snow storms, the operators will work the maximum allowed hours, but may have to concentrate on “Primary” classified roads.  In a case such as this, some “Secondary” roads may receive little, if any, attention at this time.

Due to safety concerns, the Road & Bridge Dept. cannot offer service between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

A rule of thumb is “the lower the traffic volume on a road, the more likely the road is to receive little or no attention during large snowfall events.”  The Road and Bridge Department provides sand barrels and shovels located in strategic places throughout the County. 

Our hope is that by knowing what to expect with regard to the County’s snow plowing operations, and having emergency items that may be necessary in extreme conditions, that the 2020/2021 winter travel season will be a safe journey for everyone. 

Our “Road Concern” line at Road & Bridge is: 303-679-2334, option #2, to leave a message and your call will be directed to the proper Supervisor for your area. 

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